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January 2022 Program: Intersection of Writing And Graphic Art

Fend Hamilton and Jesse Baruffi are members of the Chatt Comix Co-op, and each of them have written and illustrated graphic novels, comics, novels, anthologies, and more. They discuss the process of creating graphic novels and the collaboration needed between writers and illustrators.

Recorded: January 12, 2022

Special event with immigrant authors Helga Kidder and Finn Bille VIDEO LINK

Ray Zimmerman hosts this recorded special event recorded 4/24/2021

Helga Kidder is a founding member of CWG and in this session she reads from her poetry in Loving the Dead and other books, and discusses the influence that immigrating from Germany has had on her writing.

Finn Bille is a charter member of CWG and reads from his collection, The King’s Coin, and discusses the influence that immigration from Denmark to the USA has upon his writing.

CWG interview with Ekphrastic Writers Group: VIDEO LINK

Recorded in December 2020 this interview features members: Ann Thornfield-Long, John C. Mannone, Michelle Young, with host Mark Anderson. Ekphrasis, from Greek to describe, has come to be used broadly as art describing art, or art inspired by art.

CWG interview with Rogue Christian Writers Anonymous: VIDEO LINK

Recorded November 13, 2020; featuring members: Anne McElrath, Donna Patton, Jane Freuler, John Spalding, Kathleen Sartor, Kelly Hanwright, Michelle Young, John C. Mannone and Sherry Poff in absentia, with host Mark Anderson.

CWG interview with the Creative Nonfiction and Poetry writing group: Recorded November 3, 2020, the video features: Lee Ann Gillen, Finn Bille, Ray Zimmerman, Sherry Poff, John C. Mannone in absentia, with host Mark Anderson VIDEO LINK

CWG with the North Georgia Writers: Interview featuring writers: Barbara Tucker, Becky Wooley, Devereaux Chivington-Stebbins, and Pamela Pettyjohn, with host Mark Anderson. A good talk with some great local writers. Recorded during global health crisis 10/29/2020. VIDEO LINK

CWG with The Poetry Group. An interview featuring poets: Chris Wood, Finn Bille, Helga Kidder, Karen Phillips, KB Ballentine, and Rachel Landrum Crumble and with host Mark Anderson. This is one of the original writing groups of CWG and we are honored to show how belonging to a CWG small writing group can be a source of both writing growth, and great friendships.

Interview with the Hixon Writers group aka Crazy Buffet featuring: Kelle Z. Riley, Jerry Harwood, and JimmyLee Smith.

Their collection of writings can be found on Amazon:

Interview with

Kate Landers

Kate has served on the board of CWG as Vice President, Secretary, newsletter editor, and minister of FUN! She has a vivid imagination and finds the absurdity of life in most anything she writes about. Recorded August 2020.


Interview with

Sherry Poff

Sherry has been a member of CWG since fall 2001 when we first started. She has served as Vice President, leads a poetry and creative nonfiction group, is well published in poetry and nonfiction. Recorded July 2020 with host Mark Anderson

Interview with

John C. Mannone

President of CWG from 2016-2019, John has published poetry prolifically in many venues.


Interview with

Cynthia Robinson Young

Inside story of the writing of her poetry collection, Migration. Recorded in July 2020


Interview with

Helga Kidder

Helga was a founding member of the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild in 2001. Helga discusses her love of poetry and reads from her most recent book, Loving the Dead. Recorded May 2020


Chattanooga Writers’ Guild meets Rhyme N Chatt

Rhyme N Chatt is a unique group of poets from Chattanooga that specialize in an interactive poetry experience. Join us as they educate CWG on how to enjoy poetry. Recorded June 2020.


Interview with

Paul Luikart

Paul talks about selections from his flash fiction collection, Brief Instructions. Recorded in May 2020


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