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Rhinoceros: Literally means “nose horn.” From the Greek rhino, which means “nose,” and kéros “horn.” Rhino was first recorded in the 1880s.


  • A young woman “breaks up” with a new friend after realizing they don’t have very much in common. It was a casual friendship, anyway, so the woman sends a quick text ending the relationship and moves on. But when her ex-friend sends her reply, the woman realizes she may have made the biggest mistake of her life.
  • Two teenage boys hike up the mountain that lies on the edge of their neighborhood. After reaching the top, they start to climb down but decide the marked trail isn’t exciting enough. They decide to cut through the woods, but what they encounter on the mountain will change both their lives forever.
  • A man on the verge of his 50th birthday laments not doing more with his life. His wife suggests they take an “adventure vacation” to a small country only two years post a civil war, where they’ll allow their days to be planned by the locals they meet. Before they even reach their hotel room, the man loses something important, and the consequences affect not just their vacation, but their marriage as well.
  • The youngest member of a large family often feels they must be loud and obnoxious if they want any attention at all. But when the family matriarch moves in (and takes over their bedroom!), this little sibling is pushed beyond their limits! What does it take to get a little respect? And what will it cost?
  • A hamster, a fish, a turtle, a cat, and a dog are left alone in an apartment one rainy afternoon. They’re used to being by themselves for hours at a time while their human is at work, but when afternoon turns to night, and night becomes morning, the animals start to worry. What happened to their human? Will the animals be able to take care of themselves, or will they need to leave their home?

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