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Etymology of music: Derived from muses, the Greek goddesses who inspired artists of all sorts. Music has roots in Old French, Latin, and Greek as an adjective meaning “from the muses.” The specific use of the word’s meaning began in Greek to mean “poetry sung to music” and then over time came to mean “music” alone.

Found Poetry Challenge: Using *only these phrases, create a poem. If you want to have your poem featured in an upcoming Fun & Games post, email it to us!

*ok, ok. You can add some prepositions and articles and small stuff like that if you really need to.

WRITERLY by Kate and John Landers


Before reading the paragraph below, fill in the blanks with the corresponding word. When you’re finished, complete the paragraph using your own words to discover the secret to becoming a world-famous author! To download and print, click HERE.

1: Profession (plural) _____________________________
2. Craft or Hobby ________________________________
3. Place (plural) __________________________________
4. Place (plural) __________________________________
5. Number ______________________________________
6. Number ______________________________________
7. Number ______________________________________
8. Adjective _____________________________________
9. Noun ________________________________________
10. Silly Word ___________________________________
11. Silly Word ___________________________________
12. Silly Word ___________________________________
13. Number _____________________________________
14. Place _______________________________________
15. Place _______________________________________
16. Place _______________________________________
17. Celebrity ____________________________________
18. Celebrity ____________________________________
19. Number _____________________________________

Becoming a world-famous author is easy! Just follow our advice: First, you’ll want to submit your story to some _1______________ who can read your work and help make it the best it can be. __2______________ Groups are the best place to find these beta readers! These groups often gather at __3_____________ or __4______________ on a regular basis to discuss writing. Once you’ve received feedback and done some editing, it’s time to start submitting! It’s important to know that most famous authors write about _5______ books before they ever sell a single one. So don’t give up! They also send out about _6_____ queries to agents and publishers and receive about _7_____ rejections before hitting the jackpot. While you’re waiting to hear the __8_____________ words you desire, “Please submit your full _9_____________,” you should probably work on building up your social media platform. These days there’s many platforms to choose from: __10____________, _11___________, and __12____________ are all very popular and user-friendly. You should probably plan to spend about _13_____ hours of your day interacting with your audience and making posts. But once your book is sold, the fun really begins! While promoting your new book, you can expect to travel to such exciting destinations as _14________________, __15______________, or even _16_______________, and do interviews with people such as _17_________________ and __18___________________! All your hard work should pay off soon. The average annual income for a NYT-Bestselling author is $ _19_______________!

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