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Baby: Interestingly, baby does not seem to have any origins as a different word in Latin, Old French, Old English, Germanic, or any other language that contributes to modern English. Like mama and papa, baby is most likely just a sound imitative of the babelling sound babies make when first trying to communicate.

WRITERLY by Kate and John Landers


New year, new poem. Or short story, or song, or whatever you feel like writing. Just write! Once you’ve finished submitting to our Monthly Contest, check out the prompts listed here on this page and see what else you can come up with.

  • A farming family unearths a bunker in their corn fields. Inside they find items dating back to the cold war – magazines, clothing, toys, food…and something else.
  • A woman takes her pre-teen daughter camping to try to re-establish the bond they once had. But as soon as they reach the campsite, everything starts to go wrong.
  • A six-year old boy’s best friend suddenly moves away. The boy doesn’t see or hear from his friend again for four years. When the friend moves back, the boy is shocked to discover how much the friend has changed. Can they go back to the way things were, or has too much happened since then?
  • A young woman wakes up every night with a new super power. These abilities are ruining her life and any chance she has at getting her crush, who also happens to be her roommate, to fall in love with her.
  • A lonely, recently-retired man starts spending his days scrolling through social media. One day he makes an off-color joke on Twitter and before he knows it, he’s the most hated man in America.

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