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  • The Soubrette

    The Soubrette

    Sassy but sweet, sexy but clean, this novella tackles a big story with Neal’s signature humor and swoon-worthy characters. Think Breakfast at Tiffany’s meets crime story drama. Book description: Chef …Read More »
  • The Rucksack

    The Rucksack

    A short and sweet, feel-good love story by the award-winning author of The Locke Box. When a bike wreck leaves Ginny wondering if she’ll lose her arm, Seth (the guy …Read More »
  • Buckle Pockets

    Buckle Pockets

    Buckle Pockets is the long-awaited sequel to Buckle Pocket! Filled with even sillier rhymes and bizarrely specific illustrations, Buckle Pockets will lead young readers into a strange world of farmer’s …Read More »
  • Murder Intelligently Designed

    Murder Intelligently Designed

    Brenda Bleckard, Bennettville State’s nihilistic biology teacher and tenured cougar, is ready to commit academic mayhem when she hears that fellow teacher, Troy Michaelson, plans to show a movie about …Read More »
  • Non-Prophet Murders: A Grit and Grace Mystery

    Non-Prophet Murders: A Grit and Grace Mystery

    Grace Willis suspects the dramatic death of her minister father was not an accident. She and journalism major, Grit Griffin, while tracking down the serial killer who is targeting preachers, …Read More »

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