This page provides payment options for workshops, contests and other events.

Make payments AFTER you have completed email registration or online form as required for each event. Note in registration if payment email is different from registration email.

2021 Annual Spring Writing Contest

June 1 – 15: Member rate $7- Nonmember $12-; multiply number of submissions by rate:

Not sure of your CWG membership status? This page has a list of members, updated monthly: Members List

Contest submission member rate

Number of submissions x $7-


Contest submission nonmember rate

Number of submissions x $12-


Workshop Series 2021

Member rate $10- Nonmember rate $15-

Workshop member rate


Workshop nonmember rate



CWG Membership is $30- a 12 month subscription; Full time student rate, $15-.

Subscriptions are currently set to not auto-renew so you will be notified in 12 months to renew.

Please complete the form where you will find payment links

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