Excerpt from “The Croaks are Coming” by Olen Crow

Our latest anthology is here! 19 authors and poets are included. Tyler York, who now writes under the pen name Olen Crow, took 3rd place for fiction in our 2021 Spring Writing Contest with his short story, “The Croaks are Coming.”

Olen lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife and two children. Besides reading and writing, he likes to hike, watch cheesy, B-horror movies, and study linguistics. Check out more at www.olencrowe.com or on Twitter @olencrowe.

The following is an excerpt from “The Croaks are Coming.”

The old man composed himself. “The Croaks are horrible creatures. They’ll snatch you from your bed. From the porch. From your parents’ arm—” He saw the boy twitch. Shouldn’t have said that. Averitt’s par- ents both died a couple years back. Mortimer continued, “But they love to hunt in the swamp. You don’t venture out to the swamp this summer. Not to fetch a ball that was tossed too hard. Not cause someone dared you. You shouldn’t even want to leave this porch this year. The Pickin’ will happen soon.”

To read the full story, pick up your copy of our anthology at one of our upcoming meetings or check out Amazon, where we will have it for sale online soon!

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