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Tracks in the Grove: A Mystery Novel

 Author: Jack Fairbanks  Category: Fiction, Horror & Thriller  Published: 16 Dec, 2016 Buy

Madison Davis has retired and moved back to Clinch, her home town in rural central Florida. With an inheritance from her father, she buys a citrus grove and builds a Cracker-style home on Reedy Creek. Her new idyllic lifestyle changes abruptly with the discovery of the body of a dark-skinned woman in her pole barn where she stores grove equipment.A deep bite into a femoral artery has caused the woman to bleed out and die. In the sand surrounding the body are tracks of a canine and tires of a vehicle unfamiliar to Madison. Rumors of Chupacabras, dog-like creatures from another world that attack animals and people, are rampant among locals.Madison, a former biology professor, doesn’t believe these superstitions, especially after being attacked by the vicious dog. She is forced to shoot the dog, and this unleashes an avalanche of retribution against her. Nevertheless, her relentless curiosity about the identity of the dead woman and how she died drives her to investigate.


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