Other People’s Stories: Tools for Writing What You Don’t Know

On March 9, 2023, from 2-4 pm at The Chattery, join other writers and researchers in a workshop designed to practice empathy, deep listening, and perspective-taking. This class will focus on putting your own perspectives aside in order to fully inhabit the worldview of another through a story exchange (a true story from another participant’s life experience). The story exchange focuses on getting into another’s skin while leaving one’s value judgments and lived experiences out of the equation. This practice of empathetic appreciation of the “other” supports writers in developing more authentic, realistic, and fully-formed characters.

This class is facilitated by Gwen Mullins, certified Narrative 4 facilitator and working writer, along with Kate Rudder, Narrative 4 facilitator with 25 years of experience in community-building and education. Although Narrative 4 Community Story Exchanges are typically free, we are charging $12 per person to cover the use of The Chattery facilities and services. 

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