How to get your own CWG swag

The question is not Do I need another T-shirt? but rather How can I help support my favorite non-profit writing group AND receive something useful in return? We have the answer! The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild has a storefront on, where we have dozens of products to choose from in a variety of designs.

Now, because the world is not a perfect place, when you are first brought to the RedBubble site, you will see only a few select products that RedBubble chooses for us. We have wept many bitter tears over this. Alas, we have to accept that which we cannot change.

However! If you click on the “Explore Designs” tab:

You’ll see all the designs we have to offer:

Choose your favorite, then hit the “Shop all products” link underneath. From there you’ll see all the products we currently offer with that design on them:

And if you’re thinking Gee, I really do have enough water bottles. What I need is a new shower curtain (or clock, or bath mat, or bumper sticker, what-have-you), then just let us know and we can add that option to our shop.

The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild relies on the generosity of its members and community so that we can keep offering you contests, anthologies, programs, opportunities to sell your books and share your works, and more. Please take a look around our shop and see what catches your eye!

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