The Bubba Chronicles – New Tales of the Old South

Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2022. “A bit of the mysterious, a touch of pathos, and a healthy dose of humor bring the characters to life in this collection of short stories reflective of a simpler time. With vivid descriptions and well-developed characters, you’ll find yourself wanting to settle into a booth at the Columbia Cafe’ to hear the latest gossip and, hopefully, the most recent news about Bubba Conroy. Whether obsessed with a fancy new rifle or a gaudy new truck, Bubba plows through life on this own terms (keeping a wary eye out for his wife, Mary Lou). Several of the stories become more serious and thought-provoking as they veer away from Bubba to other town citizens; the situations endured by the young policeman and the preacher reach deeper into our hearts. All in all, this is an enjoyable read for teens and adults, offering a nostalgic look back at humanity in a small country town in the deep South.”

Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2022. Reviewed by Nino Lobiladze for Readers’ Favorite. “The Bubba Chronicles by David R. Austin invites us to travel to the old South. Bubba Roy Conroy, his wife, Mary Lou, and their children, Kelvin Seth and Lawanda Kim, live a quiet life in a small town in Louisiana. Bubba is a dump truck driver and a passionate hunter like many others in the deep South. This passion of his leads to many comical and sometimes quite dangerous situations. Mary Lou is a churchgoer who cares about her family. She may be strict but she is loving. She makes Bubba Roy pose for a family portrait that would become a family treasure. Bubba and his good buddies often come to the Columbia Café to have the best hamburger, talk or just have fun. The Bubba Chronicles is a nostalgic collection of short stories and vignettes centering around Bubba, his neighbors, friends, and true Southern values. The Bubba Chronicles does not sugarcoat life in a small Southern town. David R. Austin is a great storyteller. Also, he creates characters to remember. Austin shows us a broad spectrum of human motives and emotions. The inner tragedy of Arthur Clyde Jr., a local pastor, is almost frightening in its honesty. At the same time, The Bubba Chronicles is light and often humorous with marvelous descriptions. The excitement of young boys jumping into the cold stream, hunting, or even tracking down a rougarou is tangible. But the most important aspect of The Bubba Chronicles is the old South itself. I liked Austin’s philosophical takes on Bubba Roy’s way of life compared to one in a big city elsewhere. I believe that fans of short and humorous prose with paranormal elements, hunting stories, or tales about the old South would appreciate this amazing collection.”

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