Excerpt from “Life After Writing” by Ray Zimmerman

Our latest anthology features 19 authors and poets from the Chattanooga area. One of these fine writers is Ray Zimmerman, who has two pieces included.

Ray Zimmerman is a poet and freelance journalist living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His journalism has appeared in The Hellbender Press, The Tennessee Conservationist, Appalachian Voice, and The Chattanooga Pulse. Links to online published works appear on his web page.

He reads and writes compulsively when he is not watching cranes and other avian friends or working in tourism. He does not own a television but enjoys seeking out documentaries featuring well-known nature writers. 

Here is an excerpt from his short story, “Life After Writing,” which won our October 2020 contest for prose on the theme Afterlife:

All went smoothly until the seventh writer in line, a thin nervous man, received the rejection gesture. “No, no, no,” he shouted. “I won’t appeal. I can’t give this place another three days of my life.” He exited through a previously unseen door.

With a chuckle, the woman in front of me said, “Frequent flier. He’ll be back. He has three days to change his mind, you know.”

To read the full story, pick up your copy of our anthology at one of our upcoming meetings or check out Amazon.com!

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