Excerpt from “Memories” by BeBe Lefkoff

Our latest anthology is here and we are so excited to share all the winners of our 2021 Spring Writing Contest as well as our first ever Monthly Contest series with you!

BeBe Lefkoff won our August, 2021, contest for the theme Memories with her short story, “Little White Mercies.”

Bebe Lefkoff lives in Chattanooga with her husband, son, and a slightly demented killer Miniature Australian Shepherd. She is a happily retired school teacher. Her books are available at Extasybooks.com or on Amazon under the nom de plum, Kandeis Lynne. You may also find her short stories on her website kandeislynne.com.

Here is an excerpt from “Little White Mercies.”

She was absolutely certain that she had never seen him before, but when he smiled her heart did a funny little dance. It was not recognition exactly; but she felt—safe. Slowly, she extended her arm and allowed him to fasten the watch. Self consciously she reached up to smooth her hair. “Oh dear, Mr.—uhm, Roger, I do not appear to be dressed to receive company.”

“You look as beautiful as the day I met you.”

To read the full story, pick up your copy of our anthology at one of our upcoming meetings or check out Amazon, where we will have it for sale online soon!

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