What does a Director do?

If you are considering running for the CWG Board in September, you may be curious as to what our directors do. The simple answer to that is: whatever they want! Director positions are fairly fluid and allow Board members to focus on specific, creative areas. Past directors have been:
Event Planners They are responsible for finding spaces to hold our parties and programs, and getting volunteers to help with set up/tear down.
Anthology Editors They compile our annual anthology, as well as hire formattors, editors, designers, and publishers.
Contest Organizers They are responsible for organizing and running our monthly and/or annual contests, and they work with the anthology editors to provide content
Readers and Writers Fair Crew Pre-Covid 19, the CWG organized this festival dedicated to promoting local authors and helping them connect with readers. If you participated in this event and would like to see its return, please let us know!
Membership Directors These social butterflies love to welcome new members to the CWG, answer emails sent through the website, and brainstorm ways to be involved with our community. They may also wish to chat with potential sponsors, local event organizers, bookstores and schools, as well as other writing groups whose missions align with the CWG’s about how we can collaborate on projects.
Social Media Directors A great social media director understands the value of keeping an audience up-to-date and knows how to make good use of hashtags, tagging, etc. They will post on a regular basis and try to engage their audience.
Newsletter Editor The CWG would love to bring back its vibrant, friendly newsletter, but it needs an editor. This person would need to be able to send out timely information using Mailchimp or some other such app.
Programs Director This person is responsible for confirming Monthly Programs and Workshops. While topics and presenters are usually chosen by committee, this person is the POC for the Guild and works with the Event Planner to secure a space.
Website Administrator We are currently using WordPress to host our website, which is designed for non-techy people to be able to do techy-stuff.

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