Meet one of our Preliminary Judges in Fiction

Gary Sedlacek earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from Kearney State College at Kearney, Nebraska, and a Master of Arts in English from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Subsequent academic credits include a variety of courses and workshops in English and fiction at University of Houston (University Park and Clear Lake campuses), Rice University, and University of St. Thomas in Houston. Over a teaching career of 42 years, in grades from middle school to graduate school, he taught formal composition and English and American literature.

The English Journal published his essay “Voices” about teaching students to find their voices, and he has published an article in Trailer Life about his family’s migration from Nebraska to Texas. He has contributed to and attended poetry and fiction juried workshops at Aspen Summer Words. He currently has a finished novel called Burnished Obsidian, samples of which can be found in Crazy Buffet Club, available on Amazon. He is retired from teaching and lives with his wife in a mountain town near Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Thank you for helping to make our 2022 Spring Writing Contest a success, Gary!

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