Are You Making the Most of Your Membership?

A main focus of the CWG Board this past year was to improve our website. If you have not completed your registration or peeked around our site, you may be unaware of everything you’re missing! Here’s some things you should know:

All members have a profile
You can find all our members under Resources > Member Directory. Use our directory to find other local authors who write the same genres as you! If you aren’t sure how to login, feel free to send an email to our tech guy, John, at

Log in to access members-only resources
We have content, such as our Monthly Contest form, that is only accessible to logged-in members. All members are invited to use our Member Post Submission form to send us notice of their literary events, book releases, public readings, workshops and conferences, etc. Use our Publication Submission form to post your book to the CWG Book Gallery – a great way to let everyone know about your books for sale! If you’re not taking advantage of these resources, you’re missing out!

Upcoming Events
The CWG website has two ways you can see all our upcoming events. Under the Events tab, you will find a Google Calendar with a brief description of all our critique group schedules, ongoing contests, nearby conferences, library events, monthly meetings, and more. And if you’re looking for more details about just our Programs and Workshops, you can find that HERE.

Members receive a discount on our Spring Contest fees, and can enter our Monthly Contests free
Our Spring Writing Contest is for all CWG members and Chattanooga locals. It opened on May 15th and will close on June 30th. We would love to read your fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry! No restrictions on topic. Our Monthly Contests are themed and alternate between prose and poetry each month. Open from the 1st to the 21st, with winners announced the following month.

Other resources for writers
Under the Resources tab, you can find information about our critique groups. Not sure which one to join? Check out our VIDEOS – there you can watch interviews with all of our critique groups, as well as several of our active members. We also have an archive of radio interviews our members have given on local station WUTC, as well as other stations and podcasts. Under Writing Resources you’ll find a list of other local writing groups, journals, and websites our members have found useful.

Keep up with the latest news
The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild has multiple ways you can read our latest news – follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and make sure you’re subscribed to our Weekly Digest – a compilation of all the news from the past week, delivered straight to your inbox every Saturday morning!

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