Meet our Final Judge in Fiction

This year’s Fiction winners will be chosen by Kate Landers. Kate has served on the CWG board in various positions for five years now. She has been a winner or finalist several times in past CWG contests and in 2021 won 1st place in the Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Culinary Creation categories. She has been published online in Passengers and the Dribble Drabble Review, and in 2018 was a contributing author to a fantasy novel entitled Esyld’s Awakening. She mainly writes short fiction and children’s literature, but also pens the occasional poem, blog, and screenplay. Examples of her writing can be found at, and examples of her random thoughts are on Twitter @OQueKate.

When judging, she will be looking for:
~excellent dialogue and authentic characters
~plots which make sense and characters who move of their own accord, and not because the author manipulated them as though they were playing a game of Clue
~stories with purpose, a beginning, middle, and end
~relatable themes and emotions

Two tips for writers: 1) Read the dialogue out loud to yourself. Does it sound natural? 2) Have someone read over your work before submitting. If that person hands it back to you and says, “It’s perfect,” they’re lying.

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