Gratitude and Transfer

We give thanks to our board members who have served. Some are moving on. Some are staying on. And some being elected for 2020-21.

We express our gratitude to these members who have completed their terms:

Sarah Elise Cornett: Secretary 2019-2020. Sarah Elise Cornett is a junior at the University of Chattanooga in Tennessee, currently pursuing a degree in Creative Writing, as well as International Political Science. She spends her days writing, reading, brewing tea, and lifting. She is working on several personal projects and has a few published poems here or there. Her poetry was in the UTC publication Sequoya Review 2020 and in the 2019 CWG Anthology. She has brought a very fresh beautiful spirit to the board and we will miss her dearly.

Susan Spurgeon: Treasurer for 3 years: 2017 to 2020. If you get to know Susan you will find a woman who gives of herself passionately to others with the love of God. She is founder of Chattanooga Hugs; an organization that developed after the terror attacks in July 2015 to counter the attitudes of resentment and to cultivate a more gentle spirit within the community. Her book, Chattanooga Hugs, is available through her website:

Mike J Kobernus: has been director running our website 2018 to 2020 and edited the 2019 Anthology. He is a US Citizen who has spent most of his life in Europe. He is an expert on Shakespeare, an amazing conversationalist, and writes great fiction. His books may be found at:

These board members will be continuing on:

Mark Anderson: Director of event planning from 2017 – 2019 and President 2019-20 is candidate for another presidential term.

Kate Landers: Secretary 2017 to 2019 and Vice President 2019-2020 is candidate for a term on the Board of Directors.

Kelly Hanwright: Has completed one year on the Board of Directors and is candidate for Secretary.

John C. Mannone: was on the Board of Directors before serving as President from 2016 to 2019. He is currently in the middle of a two year term on the Board of Directors.

New and returning:

Ray Zimmerman: served as President in the past and is candidate for Vice President.

Chris Wood: Served as Treasurer in the past and is candidate for Treasurer.


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