Meet our Generative Idea presenters

We are very excited to be able to offer Generative Idea sessions at our Fall Writing Workshop. Attendees will have the choice to attend workshops in fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry OR to attend a writing-intensive session given by one of the following:

Chris Wood is a lease maintenance manager and writes to balance her left brain with her right. She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and recently served as Treasurer of the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild. Her work appears in several journals and publications, including Salvation South, Black Moon Magazine, and Three Line Poetry. She won second prize in the 2016 CWG Spring Contest for her poem, Thus Your Life Grows. Her work also appears in two anthologies: Adult Children: Being One, Having One, & What Goes In-Between (2021) and Nothing Divine Dies, The Poetry of Nature (2021).

Her session will be called: Writing with Numbers: Generative Ideas. Most of us have several memorized numbers in our heads, whether it be a password, PIN, or even our social security number. And we are always asked for our phone number, home street address, and in many cases even our date-of-birth. As writers, many of us do not consider ourselves a numbers person, however, you might be surprised that you use them more than you think. Counting the cost of things, balancing your bank account, and keeping track of time, just to name a few. This session will offer several writing prompts to get you thinking in terms of numbers and how you can incorporate them into your writing.   

Sherry Poff writes in and around Ooltewah, Tennessee. She holds an M.A. in writing from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and is a Board member of the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild. Her work has appeared in various publications including Speckled Trout Review, Raconteur Review, Heart of Flesh, The Chattanooga Pulse and Artemis Journal and Number One.

In her workshop, each participant will create a Personal Universe Deck. This tool is a word bank that can be used to generate ideas and inspire work in any genre. The process makes each PUD unique to the individual. As time allows, participants will practice using the deck. 

Natalie Kimbell grew up in Sequatchie County, Tennessee. She has spent forty years teaching English and theater arts at her alma mater Sequatchie County High School. She is a mother, grandmother and lover of all things that sparkle. Her work most recently appears in Pine Mountain Sand and GravelMildred Haun ReviewAnthology of Appalachian WritersArtemis, and 23 Tales: Appalachian Ghost Stories, Legends and Other Mysteries. Her first poetry chapbook, On Phillips Creek, will be published by Finishing Line Press in 2024.

She will jumpstart the morning with a series of prompts to trigger pieces of writing be it fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. Prompts selected by participants will sometimes be based on chance as not every participant will write to the exact same prompt. If you believe in serendipity this might be the generative workshop for which you have been searching.

To learn more about our Workshop and to sign up, visit our website HERE.

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