The Chattanooga Filmmakers Guild and ChattaMovies will be co-hosting “Open Screen Night” at 6 p.m. on Saturday, August 26, 2023 at The Edney Innovation Center in Chattanooga.

An hour and a half of independently-produced short works submitted by movie makers from Chattanooga and the surrounding region will be screened at the event. Admission for the event is FREE. The three Open Screen Nights will be held throughout the year at the Edney Building and many genres are represented in the mix of entries, from music videos and comedies, to documentaries and dramas.

The works voted as Audience Favorites at the three Open Screen Nights will be screened at year’s end at the “Best of Open Screen Night” event held at ta theatre in Chattanooga.Jimmy Lee Smith, an actor, Chattamovies producer, and one of the event’s organizers, says he thinks of Open Screen Night as an “open mic night” for indie movie makers. “There is no better way to support the local indie artist than to watch their works being screened — andthere are some very talented people submitting their work.”

Information on how to submit works to “Open Screen Nights” in 2012 can be found at: Chattamovies.com/OSN

The Chattanooga Filmmakers Guild is dedicated to the indie movie scene in Chattanooga,Tennessee and surrounding areas. The group consists of industry professionals, studentand amateur moviemakers and movie enthusiasts who are all dedicated to bringing awareness of Chattanooga’s growing independent movie community to the fore. The CFG works to encourage the movie maker community’s growth in the region in all of its various forms. Their meeting information can be found at filmmakersguild.com/

Chattamovies is an indie production company that consists of a small group of indie moviemakers. The group produces short movies, web series, and other indie videos. Their website can be found at: Chattamovies.comThe Edney Innovation Center is the front door to Chattanooga’s Innovation District. It’s a connection point, support base, and catalyst for the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. TheEdney is where startups come to accelerate, grow and thrive. Ideas are born here everyday at community events and workshops hosted on the Fifth Floor. For more information, please visit https://www.theedney.com/

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