Needed: Directors

Have you considered joining the CWG Board but you’re not sure where you’d fit in? Why not become a Director? Directors can help in various ways, such as putting together our annual anthology, promoting our events on social media, writing our newsletter, connecting the CWG with the greater Chattanooga community, inviting speakers to our Monthly Meetings, organizing workshops, running our contests, assisting with technical issues, and more! If you’ve got experience, talent, or interest in something that you think would allow the CWG to better help its members, please consider joining!

Our two directors this year, Sherry Poff and Natalie Kimbell, have planned games and activities at our parties, helped plan a workshop, assisted our members and community with finding answers to their questions, and most importantly – they have helped keep the CWG alive and thriving!

The CWG Board is a great place to connect with other writers and help decide the direction of the Guild. If you would like to be considered for a Director position, please let a Board member know or contact Kate Landers at

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