Upcoming Creative Writing Workshop with Wesley A. Fulkerson

Wesley Fulkerson will lead SoLit’s upcoming workshop on December 8th, 2022, from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Arts Building. The workshop, titled, “The Psychology of Character: Three Frameworks for Writing a Believable, Compelling Cast,” combines writing and psychology to help writers create more believable, authentic characters for their stories. Wesley will introduce writers to the basics of psychology and the three major schools of thought on human motivation, translating that into crafting characters for their stories, leaving them with three methods of character creation they can use in future writing. The cost of attendance is $15 with a limit of 20 participants. For more information and registration, visit solitchatt.org/character-workshop.

About Wesley Fulkerson – Wesley is a recent transplant to Chattanooga from Southern California. He is the author of ten books, including the Starfall Trilogy, Writing with Purpose, and For Whom the Sun Sings. He is an award-winning screenwriter (Save My Seoul, 2017 – Jubilee Media), the former head screenwriter for Arbella Studios, and currently freelances for several Los Angeles based production companies. He received a degree with honors in Marketing from USC’s prestigious Marshall School of Business (2012) and presents a powerful combination of creativity and pragmatism. Having started out as a self-publisher and later disseminating his work through traditional publishing, he is the epitome of the modern writer’s journey.

About SoLit – Founded in 1952, SoLit has evolved into a literary arts hub for Chattanooga. Previously known as Southern Lit Alliance, the mission is to deliver literary arts experiences that engage young people and adults in a life-long love of reading, writing, and community conversation. Each year, SoLit reaches 6,000 children and adults with programs such as literature festivals, writing workshops, book therapy groups, writing contests for children and outreach to jails and youth in underserved communities. We see literature has the incomparable power to inspire, connect, and uplift, but additionally, the benefits of reading literature are far-reaching and include improved critical thinking skills, empathy for others, vocabulary, writing ability, imagination, and cultural literacy for all ages. SoLit shares stories that matter. For more information, go to solitchatt.org.

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