Chattanooga Author Receives Five-Star Review

"The Bubba Chronicles by David R. Austin invites us to travel to the old South. Bubba Roy Conroy, his wife, Mary Lou, and their children, live in a quiet life in a small town in Louisiana."  "The Bubba Chronicles is a nostalgic collection of short stories and vignettes centering around Bubba, his neighbors, friends, and true Southern values. The Bubba Chronicles does not sugarcoat life in a small Southern town. David R. Austin is a great storyteller. Also, he creates characters to remember. Austin shows us a broad spectrum of human motives and emotions." "I believe that fans of short and humorous prose with paranormal elements, hunting stories, or tales about the old South would appreciate this amazing collection."

CWG Newsletter 10.07.2022

Greetings: When I volunteered to edit the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild newsletter, I was not sure what track this would take since events and announcements are placed directly on the web page by the current officers and directors. The only thing I see missing is a column for accolades. You are welcome to send photos to... Continue Reading →

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