WANTED: An Anthology Editor

One of the best feelings as a writer is when you get to hold something you have written in your hands. The CWG is proud of each and every anthology we have produced, starting with our first one back in 2015. Our latest anthology includes all the winners of our 2021 Spring Writing Contest and our first-ever Monthly Writing Contest, as well as gorgeous photography featuring the landscape, arts, and culture of our incredible city. You can find it and all of our other anthologies in our Book Gallery.

Producing an annual anthology is a worthwhile project, and we need someone who is willing to do it this year! This person will compile all the winning entries to our contests and work with the other Board members to decide on a budget for a cover artist, formattor, editor, and printing. They may need to take care of tasks such as collecting author biographies, and deciding on whether to include photographs.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, please email Calvin Beam at calvin.beam@chattanoogawritersguild.org.

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