Excerpt from “Assimilation Or” by Mark Anderson

Our newest anthology features 19 writers from the Chattanooga area. All were winners of either our 2021 Spring Writing Contest or our first round of Monthly Contests, which took place from September 2020 to August 2021. Mark Anderson was the first Monthly Contest winner with his poem “Assimilation Or.”

Mark loves the creative environment of Chattanooga and is involved with writing, music, and special events. He has been a member of the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild since 2016 and has served on the Board in various roles. Mark’s website: www.mjanderson.art.

Here is an excerpt from his poem, which was written for the theme Compliance:

I see the trees don’t fight, complain, or cry
all in a group, growing, reaching for the sky
deer, fish, birds, so simple,
but humans, humans most wise; why?

Walking to work I passed a sunflower in the field, just gazing up at the sun – all day. On my way home I passed again that flower and derided, “Why are you doing nothing but gazing? You are lazy, good for nothing. Get a job. Comply!” But that flower just ignored me.

To read the full poem, pick up your copy of our anthology at one of our upcoming meetings or check out Amazon.com!

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