Excerpt from “An Attention Deficit Lollapalooza” by Natalie Jenkins Kimbell

Our newest anthology contains all our winners from contests we ran in 2020 in 2021. In our Creative Nonfiction category in our Spring Writing Contest last year, Natalie Jenkins Kimbell won 2nd place with her story entitled, “An Attention Deficit Lollapalooza.”

Natalie Kimbell lives in Sequatchie County, Tennessee. She is a mother of two, and a grandmother of four. She works as a teacher of English, creative theater, and creative writing at Sequatchie County High School. Her poetry is published in The 2019 Chattanooga Writers’ Guild Anthology, and The 2020 Garfield Lake Review, The 2020 Chattanooga Writers’ Guild Anthology, the 2021 Appalachian Writers Anthology, Dorothy Allison Version and The American Diversity Report. Her work also appears in the 2021/22 Women of Appalachia Project’s Women Speak anthology, Beautiful: In the Eye of the Beholder, and Abyss and Apex, an online magazine.

Read on for an excerpt from “An Attention Deficit Lollapalooza.”

ADD starts and stops like a Ferris wheel with an electrical problem. Some days, time crawls like a child’s perception of Christmas’s arrival. Sometimes it vaults ahead making hours simply evaporate.

It speeds ideas like forty-two ping-pong balls riveting inside your skull. You try to follow one, but sometimes ideas caught in mid-

To read the full story, pick up your copy of our anthology at one of our upcoming meetings or check out Amazon.com!

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