Excerpt from “Cherish the Treasure” by KB Ballentine

Our newest anthology is here! It features all the winners of our last Spring Writing Contest and round of Monthly Contests, including several works by well-known poet KB Ballentine.

KB Ballentine’s seventh collection, Edge of the Echo, was released May 2021 with Iris Press. Her earlier books can be found with Blue Light Press, Middle Creek Publishing, and Celtic Cat Publishing. Published in Atlanta Review and Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal, among others, her work also appears in anthologies including I Heard a Cardinal Sing (2022), The Strategic Poet (2021),and Pandemic Evolution (2021). KB loves to travel and practice sword fighting and Irish step dancing: those Scottish and Irish roots run deep! When not tucked in a corner reading or writing, she makes daily classroom appearances to her students. Learn more at www.kbballentine.com.

From her poem “Cherish the Treasure,” which was the winner of our April 2021 Monthly Contest on the theme camaraderie:

These days alone I’ve become a ghost,
a veil of smoke, but you remind me I am
more than loneliness, more than despair,
more than a hollow version of Woman.

To read the full poem, pick up your copy of our anthology at one of our upcoming meetings or check out Amazon.com!

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