Announcing the Winners of our Spring Writing Contest!

The judges have completed their judging and are proud to announce the winners of our 2022 Spring Writing Contest. We were so pleased with the entries we received. Thank you to everyone who submitted their prose or poetry to us! And thank you to all of our judges – Camden Adler, Calvin Beam, Rachel Landrum Crumble, Jerry Harwood, Tommye Johnson, Kate Landers, Kale Sartor, Gary Sedlacek, and Cynthia Robinson Young. Without you, this contest would not have been possible!

1st place winner: “Food for the Soul” by Alexandria Kelly
2nd place winner: “From Memory” by Kathy Bowe
3rd place winner: “Discovery” by Barbara Graham Tucker

1st place winner: “Experiencing Grace in the Year 2020” by Sherry Poff
2nd place winner: “Bittersweet Reckoning: A Real Mother’s Day” by Amy Ziegler
3rd place winner: “My Walden” by Mark Anderson

1st place winner: “There Were Mudskippers in the Creek” by John DeVore
2nd place winner: “Rock Star Wishes” by Patricia Hope
3rd place winner: “Colors of War” by Patricia Hope

Congratulations to all of our winners! Be on the lookout for more information about our winners and their stories and poems coming soon.

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