WANTED: A Secretary

If you would like to volunteer for a Board position this year, but aren’t sure where you’d best fit, consider being our Secretary! As a writer, you’re already qualified to take notes, organize data, and discern relevant information.

Jimmy Lee Smith, our current Secretary, says:

The Secretary is responsible for recording accurate minutes. The Secretary keeps the board on track and makes sure that all commitments are recorded and get follow-through. 

To accomplish these responsibilities, the Secretary collects topics for the agenda from board members and sends out a package before each board meeting. The package includes the agenda, the financial report, the previous months minutes, old business, and new business. During the meeting, the secretary takes notes on the agenda items and any additional topics that arise in the meeting. Additionally, the Secretary makes sure all the items on the agenda are discussed, and commitments from the previous month are followed up. After the meeting, the notes are made available in google docs and a link to the notes sent to the board members.

If you’d like to help keep us organized, please email Calvin Beam at calvin.beam@chattanoogawritersguild.org.

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