WANTED: A Newsletter Editor

As many of you have noticed, this year we did away with our monthly newsletter, and instead have been issuing a weekly update to your mailboxes on Saturday. This is an automated process that compiles all of the posts that have been made on our website in the previous week. For those who rely on these emails to keep up with the CWG’s events, contests, programs, and so forth, it can be frustrating to open up this email on Saturday morning and realize you’ve missed an event that occured the previous Tuesday.

The CWG is always looking for ways we can better serve our membership, but we rely solely on volunteers. If you have any experience writing a newsletter, or if you have experience compiling news for a weekly update, please consider running for the Board this September. Even if you don’t have experience, but are interested in learning and want to improve the way the CWG communicates with its members, we would love to have you!

Anyone interested should email Calvin Beam at calvin.beam@chattanoogawritersguild.org.

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