A new feature in our Spring Writing Contest!

Our 2022 Spring Writing Contest will open for submissions tomorrow, May 15th! We are so excited, and we hope you are, too! Not only did we raise the prize money this year – $125 for first place, $75 for 2nd place and $40 for 3rd place – but we have a new feature to offer, as well.

This year the CWG will be offering judges’ feedback on submissions. Each of our three categories – Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, and Poetry – will be judged by two preliminary judges and one final judge. When you submit your piece, you will have the option to request judges’ feedback. For $5 you will receive two or three critiques on your work (depending on whether you are a finalist.)

Judges will be working off a rubric, and all feedback will be given anonymously.

Our judges for the contest are:

Preliminary: Gary Sedlacek and Calvin Beam; Final: Kate Landers

Creative Nonfiction
Preliminary: Jerry Harwood and Tommye Johnson; Final: Rachel Landrum Crumble

Preliminary: Kale Sartor and Camden Adler; Final: Cynthia Young

To find out more about our judges, find their profiles in our Member Gallery on our website HERE or stay tuned as we share their bios throughout the duration of our contest!

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