Use lucid dreams to improve your writing

The Chattery will host an online class Tuesday, April 19th from 6 – 8 PM Eastern. Dream Works: Using Lucid Dreaming to Amp Up Your Creative Self will help you create a powerful narrative and plot for your writing.

Your unconscious psyche is active while you sleep. In fact, that is when it comes out to play, bringing to the forefront ideas that have been lying within you for a long time. If you focus your attention on your dreams, you might end up with answers to your deepest questions and solutions to your most challenging creative blocks.

In this 2 hour ONLINE workshop and through lucid dreaming we will use Jungians 12 archetypes and dream interpretation to create a powerful narrative and plot for your writing. 

About the instructor:

Kali Meister received a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee and an MFA in creative writing from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont. She is also an established writer, public speaker, academic and actress. Her writing has been featured in several lit reviews, newspapers and magazines including 34 Orchard, Caduceus, Pitkin Review, Low Explosions, and Knoxville Metro Pulse. She was the 2008-2009 John C. Hodges Writer in Residence for the University of Tennessee Knoxville Libraries. 

She is the founder of She Wonder Production, a film production company that focuses on the female experience and narrative. Her short films have been selected for numerous regional film festivals including the Knoxville 54 Hour Film Festival, The Knoxville Film Festival, The Chattanooga Horror Film Festival and The Knoxville Horror Film Festival and have won awards for best screenplay, best performance, and best overall short film. 

More information and registration available at

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