Enter the 91st Annual Writers’ Digest Competition

For more than 90 years, Writer’s Digest has honored writers in many genres or categories:

memoirs/personal essays
nonfiction essay or article
genre short story (think romance, thriller, mystery, sci-fi, etc.)
short story
rhyming poetry
non-rhyming poetry
script (think stage play or television/movie script)
children’s/young adult fiction

With so many options, we’re sure something you’ve written or are writing will fit in. And we’ve seen a wide range of winners in the past several years. Just be sure to check our website for entry details—we have strict word count restrictions for each category.

The grand prize winner will receive $5,000 in cash, a trip to the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, and an interview for a feature article in our magazine. First place winners in each category receive $1,000, second place winners in each category win $500, and on and on! Check out our complete list of prizes on WritersDigest.com.

Ready to be the next Writer’s Digest Annual Competition winner? Enter by May 6 for the best price!

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