Call for Submissions: Art and Photography

The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild is looking for artists and photographers to contribute to our upcoming anthology. If selected, we will pay $20 for your submission.

All art must be submitted in black and white format, as a JPEG or PNG, and it must be your own, original art or photograph. If the photograph is of a public piece of artwork (such as a sculpture or a mural), credit must be given to the original artist. If you are submitting photographs of people, you must obtain permission for their photograph to be published.

We are specifically looking for pieces that represent the city of Chattanooga and its people, culture, and landmarks. For an idea of the kind of artwork we’re likely to include, please check out our 2020 anthology, available HERE.

Submissions are open now and acceptance emails will be sent out on or before March 31, 2022. If you do not receive an acceptance email, that means we had to pass on your submission. Submission form below.

Thank you to Mark Anderson for the use of his photograph, “The Incline Railway.”

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