The Intersection of Music and Writing

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The Chattanooga Writers Guild Presents “The Intersection of Music and Writing”

7:00 PM, Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Join us via zoom

The intersection of Music and Writing is a presentation by three talented musician writers. Two are songwriters and the third has written and produced dramatic presentations with musical content.

Jennifer Daniels Neal is a performing songwriter, author, and teaching artist. She and her husband, Jeff Neal, have released nine music albums, a picture book, and two human children into the world (boy/girl twins, so…bonus!) The Locke Box is Jenn’s first novel and the first time she has released a project under her married name (not counting the kids). She wrote Songs from The Locke Box as a companion music album. Visit to learn more. Songwriting IS Writing | jenniferdaniels

Talking Writing: Jennifer Daniels, Part I (

Peggy Douglas is a playwright, performance poet, and musician with various string bands in Chattanooga. Her poems have appeared in numerous literary journals.  In 2014, Douglas shifted her focus to writing poetic monologue plays about her native Tennessee roots that are set to music and produced as dramatic theatre:

Douglas has a Ph.D. has been a college professor in sustainable economics and education pedagogy for thirty-nine years. She has co-written two academic books, Women in Higher Education: Empowering Change and Radical Learning.  

She has served on many non-profit boards in Chattanooga such as Chattanooga Writers Guild, Center for Mindful Living, Mark Making, Chattanooga Folk School, and Metropolitan Ministries Advisory Committee.
TWISTED ROOTS at the Mountain Arts Community Center – YouTube

Kathy Veazey
I’ve been singing and playing (keyboard and guitar) in bands in Chattanooga on an irregular basis my whole adult life. Along with my former band Lumbar Five, I’ve recorded two albums of (mostly) my original songs. My husband John Rawlston (also in Lumbar Five)  and I currently perform as the duo TN Ruminators. I began writing songs in my twenties (from angsty poetry I kept in my journal) and I can’t seem to stop. I love the songwriting process; I can get completely consumed by a song until it’s finished. During the pandemic, I found that I also like working with other poets and songwriters. I retired from my job as a special education teacher a few years ago and I love having the freedom to geek out on learning more about my instruments and on writing songs. You can hear some of our music at (2) The TN Ruminators | Facebook

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