Winners Announced

CWG 2021 Spring Writing Contest winners are:


1st place: “Reading Moll Flanders” Helga Kidder

2nd place: “Blaze” Ken Harpe

3rd place: “Read House Hotel” Helga Kidder


1st Place “An Honest-to-God Miracle” Kate Landers

2nd Place      “Measure” Alexandria Brielle Kelly

3rd Place      “The Croaks are Coming” Tyler York


First Place: “P. S. Please Still be my Friend Even though You Think I’m Going Mad.” Kate Landers

Second Place: “ADD Lollapalooza” Natalie Kimbell

Third Place: “The Crow, the Cat, and Clark Kent” Miki Boni

Creative Culinary Creation

1st Place, “Cabbage & Salt in the Wound” Kate Landers 
2nd Place, “old auric rain,” Shawn Callaway Hays 
Honorable Mentions:
“This Fall” Kelly Hanwright 
“Ode to Okra” Patricia Hope


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