Winter Writers Workshop

Saturday January 23, 2021; an online interactive presentation

John C. Mannone presents:

The Intersection of Science with Art with a focus on Literary Arts

This workshop is based on the premise that society as a whole should remove disconnections between science and art, and will explore why our understanding of writing should fuse science with literary art. There are connections between physics, metaphysics, and religion (and other humanities) which become more apparent when art and science are processed collectively. Creativity is also an essential resource to the scientist, as it is outside-of-the-box thinking that leads to great insights and discoveries.

Our workshop begins with welcome and introductions at 10:45, followed by one hour presentation at 11 am. At noon we have a combination Q&A time with a group lunch for approximately 30 minutes. Off-line exercises will be offered, such as the one that led to John’s winning poem for the 2020 Dwarf Stars Award. We will reconvene at 1:30 to discuss and share our writings, concluding by 2:30.

Registration: use one of the payment options below and email:

Name, contact phone #, Member or Nonmember. You will be sent the Zoom link for the event.

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Winter Writers Workshop 1-23-2021 Member Rate $10-


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