September Contest Winner

Theme was Compliance, and our winner is Mark Anderson with his poem Assimilation Or.

Assimilation or

“Resistance is futile Earthling. You will be assimilated” say the Borg

Resistance is futile. You will comply.

Oh no I won’t, I won’t, I won’t.

You will, you will, you will.

This is war, I will fight you with all my might.

You will understand later. It is best.

I have a choice, you cannot force me.

You cannot hide forever. I will find you.


Ah, there you are. Come out of that closet Now!

and brush your teeth before bed

In my school they have some rule

A period, a comma, capital C, Comply

But when Saturday comes, I fly

Wrytin, spelin, stylin – mai owwn waaay!

                        I wear my clothes when I go out, be thankful y’all

                        Clingy, hot sweaty clothes, no room to breathe

                                    But when I go home, off they come, freely I flow

                                    all hangin out, shocking to see, feels so good to me

                                                My pants go a sagin, long hair flappin,

                                                My tats n piercings, my flag a wavin’

                                                           I not be comply’n, w those folks complainin’

                                                            Till I become boss and need some comply’n

                        I have a nice car, house and boat too

                                    But some folks be complaining,

                                                say I got some explaining

                                                            For why I am not poor too,

                                                            I drive on the right, I must comply

                                                stop lights, speed limits, all so oppressive

                                    When I get out, out in the hills

                        fast as I can, off road, no rules

I see the trees don’t fight, complain, or cry

all in a group, growing, reaching for the sky

deer, fish, birds, so simple,

but humans, humans most wise; why?

Walking to work I passed a sunflower in the field, just gazing up at the sun – all day. On my way home I passed again that flower and derided, “Why are you doing nothing but gazing? You are lazy, good for nothing. Get a job. Comply!” But that flower just ignored me.


Mark returned to college after a long career in carpentry and rediscovered his dormant artistic inclinations. He is currently president of the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild and a student at UTC majoring in English; Rhetoric and Professional Writing.

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