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I write historical fiction about the lives of everyday people. My love for their history grew out of listening as a child to my grandmothers tell stories about their lives. Reading about ordinary people teaches us history from a personal perspective. People today are the same as yesterday; after the need for survival, the same emotions, dreams, and desires led them then, as we experience now. While growing up in Alabama in the 50s and 60s, I tried to make sense of a changing and sometimes chaotic world. I wrote about what I saw and how it affected me, and as an artist-turned-author, have studied people throughout my life. Today I write historical novels, memoirs, and short stories using the pen name C.S. Devereaux. I have published essays in The Sun magazine, short stories in Chattanooga Writers’ Guild Anthologies, Realms of the Fantastic fantasy anthology, and self-published memoirs, Another Adventure, and Idelle. My publisher, Jumpmaster Press, released my latest novel, Fall From Snowbird Mountain, in January, 2023.
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