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Martha Summa-Chadwick has achieved a national reputation as an educator, presenter, performer, and advocate for the cause of music in therapy. She has performed as piano and harpsichord soloist with orchestras across the country and served for twenty-six years on the faculty of the Cadek Conservatory in Chattanooga, Tennessee. For the past decade, Dr. Summa-Chadwick has explored various ways to use music for therapeutic as well as aesthetic ends. She is the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Music Therapy Gateway in Communications, Inc.( , and a frequent guest speaker at both national and regional conferences, discussing the use of biomedical music techniques for challenged children. She has given two TED talks (viewable along with other online presentations on her YouTube playlist at and established a series of both chamber and solo concerts to help educate diverse audiences in an overview of biomedical music protocols, and how music can be used in collaboration with improved neural learning patterns. She is also exploring how biomedical music protocols could be automated into software applications for persons with motor, speech, or cognition challenges. She has written a middle-grade children's chapter book, "Trevor the Noteable GOAT," which she is hopeful will soon be published. An add-on website has been developed ( in conjunction with the manuscript so that literary agents can envision the wealth of add-on information available to accompany the book. The website incorporates a synopsis, character descriptions, music samples, and games for children, along with information about music therapy and online resources for parents/caregivers.
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Children's Literature, Journalism

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