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Witching Hours: A Collection of Short Stories

 Author: J. Smith Kirkland  Category: Anthologies & Collections, Fiction  Published: 20 Jan, 2019 Buy

Witching Hours is a collection of tales that come from dreams, insomnia, and too much time awake in the witching hours before dawn. J. Smith Kirkland grew up in a haunted house in Dallas Bay, TN. This probably contributes to the fact that his fictional stories revolve around fate, ghosts, witches, and legends. There are two Tales of the Catalin stories: Spider and True Love. These stories are pages from the lives of a people that live to help others navigate their fate.Cryptic Case of Christof Kiran is about the not so far future. While there are no witches in the story, I am sure the setting of the story will lead to some sort of witch tale in my near future.Gretz is about a falsely accused defendant and is set in a future that was doomed to repeat the past.Witchball is a short tale of a VooDoo god trapped in a world of illusion.


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