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Witches: Book One: episodes One thru Four (Witches Paperbacks)

 Author: J. Smith Kirkland  Category: Fiction, Mythology & Legends  Published: 31 Oct, 2021  ISBN: 979-8554544774 Buy

The Witches series is a tale about modern day witches derived from legends and told in soap opera format. Two brothers, Jack and Aron, find themselves thrown into a strange world of witches and legends. Book One contains the first four episodes that are available individually as ebooks.Witches: Book One is composed of four episodes, each released as a separate ebook, and published together in paperback.Episode One: “A Bad Spell” introduces the cast in this melodrama, especially Jack: a mortal who falls into the hidden world of witches, or maybe is pushed into it when his brother Aron goes missing. And Sunder, a witch obsessed with making Jack love her.Episode Two: “Finding Aron” follows Jack as he navigates through the strange witch world to find Aron. At times, he is convinced it is all just a bad dream, but he will do whatever it takes to find his brother.Episode Three: “Stone Cold” brings a visitor from an ancient legend to visit the world of Witches. And he brings vengeance with him. Aron finds himself needing the witches’ help again, and Jack finds the witches need his help this time.Episode Four: “Vodou” finds another stranger in town. She has more than one purpose for coming here, but the players in this book seem to attract those who deal in revenge. She has her eye on Aron, and she is not one to be denied what she wants.


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