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What Comes of Waiting

 Author: KB Ballentine  Category: Animals & Nature, Arts & Culture, Chattanooga, Tennessee & Appalachia, Mythology & Legends, Poetry, Romance  Published: 26 Jul, 2013 Buy

Some people flow in and out of our lives like water – rushing through like a stream, surrounding us like a peaceful lake then maybe travelling on to the sea. Some people are more like rocks: sturdy, stable, reliable – always there. Everyone we meet informs our sensibilities of the larger world around us, not allowing us to become so absorbed that we forget ourselves in this mad-dash through life. This collection of poems introduces the reader to people who voluntarily leave us as well as those we lose without their choice, much sooner than we would wish. The later poems embrace the people who endure, those who stay with us through sorrow and joy.


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