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The Bridge to Isla Sofia

 Author: Jennifer Daniels Neal  Category: Fiction, Romance  Published: 06 Oct, 2022 Buy

This Great Smoky Mountains cabin has been in my family for seven generations. When Jake died, and the bridge was flooded as it is now, we had to bury him on site. It was like losing my twin. I came back this summer to move past the feeling that they buried me too—and I meant to do that by myself. But with the storm raging, my cousin’s handsome friend has nowhere else to go.

Things could be worse. The guy’s interesting, and he’s funny. And he’s got this thick beard that—but anyway when we discover several disturbing entries in the visitors’ log and an eccentric neighbor spying through the windows, we realize that Jake’s death was no accident, and ours may be next.

Author’s note: Since I also write songs and stories for kids, please note that this book contains adult themes and language.

Released in first draft form on Kindle Vella.


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