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Rogue Genes

 Author: Victoria I Sullivan  Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy  Published: 06 Oct, 2014 Buy

Middle-east terrorists capture six five-year old polyploid boys from the village of Polysomia to fight as warriors in their country. At five, the boys look deceptively like diploid men, but will soon be nine-foot giants. Thanks to an influenza infection of their diploid parents, the boys carry genes for healing wounds and regenerating limbs, and for synthesizing vitamin C to keep them well. How did kidnappers enter Polysomia that night? Did the gate guard help them find the boys’ apartments? Will government agencies help in finding the boys? Legal rights of diploid Homo sapiens do not apply to polyploids. However, thwarting terrorist activities is a concern of the government. Meanwhile, the body of a diploid girl along with a large sum of money in a metal box is found buried in the woods near the Polysomia guardhouse. Did a polyploid kill the girl? If so, why? Is the money a pay-off from the kidnappers? Polyploids are quarantined at Polysomia, and without help from law enforcement must hire someone to find the boys. The investigator they hire from a Yellow Pages listing takes two polyploids with him on the search—Jamil, a six-year old Iranian boy who speaks Farsi, and Simon, a full grown polyploid with violent tendencies. Sequel to Adoption, available in print.


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