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Murder Transported

 Author: Becky Wooley  Category: Humor & Novelty, Political, Religious & Inspirational  Published: 13 Nov, 2021 Buy

Wooley recently taught high school in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, represented by the notorious Marjorie Taylor Greene, who, along with our former President, exploits Christian Fundamentalists to win elections. “Murder Transported” is a satirical tilt at that seemingly intractable windmill.

“Wooley is a devastatingly humorous satirist.” Shaun O’l Higgins, Oxalis Group

“Becky Wooley is a first-class writer . . . her deft use of language is a delight.” Africanus Journal

“Becky Wooley writes an original story, enlivened by humor. Recommended.” Clerical Detectives


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