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Murder Intelligently Designed

 Author: Becky Wooley  Category: Humor & Novelty, Religious & Inspirational, Romance, Science, Technology & Education  Published: 13 Nov, 2013 Buy

Brenda Bleckard, Bennettville State’s nihilistic biology teacher and tenured cougar, is ready to commit academic mayhem when she hears that fellow teacher, Troy Michaelson, plans to show a movie about Intelligent Design. Police find Troy outside Bleckard’s office covered in blood and Bleckard inside, crushed by a bust of Nietzsche. College-aged amateur sleuths, Grit Griffin and Grace Willis, scour the campus to prove their friend is innocent.

“Murder Intelligently Designed is an astonishingly thoughtful, well written book that provides not only a compelling plot line, but insight into and immense social and academic issue.” Ben Stein, actor, and producer of the movie “Expelled.”


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