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Lake Misere: A Murder Mystery

 Author: Jack Fairbanks  Category: Fiction, Horror & Thriller  Published: 09 Nov, 2015 Buy

Lake Misère, a mystery thriller, is set on a lake in Louisiana by the same name. Syndicated food editor, Pat Vincent, accepts an assignment from The Times Picayune to write a story about a famous Garfish Ball recipe on eve of the spring Regatta. The locally renowned cook lives in the dying town of Shell Beach, Louisiana, on Lake Misère. On a jog around Lake Misère, Pat discovers a butchered body of a little man hanging from a bald cypress limb. In this thriller, Pat, finds a connection between the body and the death of the director of a summer camp for boys at the defunct Holiness Camp and to a decades-long history of dark crimes perpetrated by a serial killer. Quote from the book: “Next to a wood duck nest box hung the naked body of Jacob Snyder, the little man I’d seen arguing with Eulalie. He was suspended from a stout limb of a cypress tree by a rope tied around his feet. Like a hog being butchered at a Cochon de Lait, Jacob had been split down the middle. His bloody guts dangled out of his body and into the water beneath.” Get your copy of Lake Misère and look for other Jack Fairbanks mystery novels in the future.


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