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Growing Up Without Wifi: Memories Etched On The Heart

 Author: J. Smith Kirkland  Category: Memoir & Personal Essay  Published: 17 Jan, 2017  ISBN: 1496095413 Buy

There are stories that I tell frequently, and memories that I only share on rare occasion. Some people have heard some of the stories perhaps too many times, and some memories have not been heard by anyone at all. These stories and memories, these little fragments of my life, have held onto their place in my brain for years, even decades. They have wired themselves to thousands of synapses so that they can’t be lost, and the oddest words or moments trigger them to be replayed in my mind. I may forget the name of the people who live down the hall, or the PIN for my credit card, or sometimes even my own telephone number, but these moments are as clear to me now as if they had just happened. These pages are my attempt to record the stories and memories that are so deeply embedded into my essence. There is no intent to educate, philosophy, are even amuse. For now, this is a mere exercise in making notes. A collection of fragments of moments I remember. If there is a moral to the stories, or some explanation in them for why I sometimes feel 40 degrees to the left of the rest of the world, well, perhaps I will see it when I am done. Maybe you will see it before me.


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