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Edge of the Echo

 Author: KB Ballentine  Category: Animals & Nature, Arts & Culture, Chattanooga, Tennessee & Appalachia, Mythology & Legends, Poetry  Published: 07 May, 2021 Buy

KB Ballentine gathers poems into four sections that honor the ancient rhythms of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Edge of the Echo explores these elements and how they weave through the human experience and, though we are encompassed by them every day, we don’t fully understand them. At the threshold of each season there is a mystic balance between the stones and the stars. The early Celts recognized what we have forgotten: the seasons of the year reflect an invisible geography between nature and the human soul. In this world full of upheaval and clatter, we need more than ever the tenacity of nature-its magic and variety that mends our weariness. This collection of poems invites the elements to speak to us once again.


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