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Crazy Buffet Club: A Collection of Stories

 Author: Multiple  Category: Anthologies & Collections, Fiction  Published: 26 Dec, 2018 Buy

A collection of stories from a group of writers in Hixson, TN. The group is composed of writers very different styles and genres, in age, experience, political outlook, and their stance on the Oxford comma. They conspired to create this eclectic collection of short stories. Their hope is that you find an author whose style you like, who stirs your emotion with a phrase, who plants a story in your mind that you remember long after you’ve put the book aside. They also decided that the profits from their collection of stories would go to support a regional arts or writing program. The profits from sales of the first edition will go to the Young Southern Student Writers sponsored by the Southern Lit Alliance and UTC’s Department of English to help offset the cost of the awards ceremony they hold each year.


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