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Chattanooga Writers’ Guild 2017 Anthology

 Author: Multiple  Category: Anthologies & Collections, Chattanooga, Tennessee & Appalachia, Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry  Published: 02 Sep, 2018  ISBN: 172603755X Buy

The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild is delighted to give voice to the many talented writers reflected in these pages who were the winners, honorable mentions and short-listed finalists in the 2017 Spring Writing Contest. Like the sound of many waters, where there is a soothing that comes from the music of an individual stream or from the chorus originating from the confluence of many streams, these literary works form a complex texture of the music of words. May their symphony delight your heart.Contributors: Calvin Beam, Finn Bille, Joan Gelfand, Susan Grant, Trevor Harper, C. Ann Kodra, Kate Landers, John C. Mannone, Aubrey Tucker Pennington, Jr., Linda L. Peters, Sherry Poff, Gerhard Schneibel, Claire Scott, Wesley Sims, Greg Starnes, Tom Tague, Ann Thornfield-Long, Marla Thurman, Greg Wilkey, Ray ZimmermanCover Artwork: Michelle Young


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